Recently, Lansheng’s advantageous product, Clethodim technical, has obtained the EU Technical Equivalence Certificate which proves that the quality of our Clethodim has reached the international leading level. The certificate opened an efficient channel for Lansheng to enter the EU market, and also laid a foundation for the subsequent registration of formulation products.

Lansheng's Clethodim 95% TC

Clethodim is a low-toxic, low-residue and systemic herbicide with high selectivity for the control of annual and perennial grassy weeds, safe for dicotyledon plants. It is also one of the world's best-selling herbicides, with sales that exceeded US$300 million by 2020 and still growing. 

Clethodim is mainly used for weeding in dry fields of more than 40 crops such as soybeans, rapeseed, cotton, peanuts, etc. It can effectively control a series of gramineous grass, annual and perennial weeds of vegetables and fruit trees.

Currently, Lansheng has an 8,000t/a clethodim production line, which is the largest in the world. The clethodim technical has a concentration of over 95%, making us the only company that can offer this level of quality in large quantities in the world at present. A higher concentration means fewer impurities, which effectively reduces the degradation of clethodim technical. The degradation rate of formulations made with high content of clethodim technical can be controlled within 3%. The company has advanced production technologies, with all production equipment going automatic, with some of the products in continuous production.

At present, Lansheng is cooperating with more than 40 customers to register clethodim in over 20 countries and holds nearly 200 products registrations globally. 

Source: AgroNews