Under China’s vigorous promotion of green, safe and sustainable development, environmental protection has become one of the criteria governing the industry development, which requires strong technical backup, patience and persistence. Recently, Yuan Ligang, general manager of Hebei Lansheng Biotech Co., Ltd. and Dr. Ma Jihai, chief scientist of the company, in an online interview, gave a briefing on the company’s innovation achievements in green chemistry and continuous reaction.

Transcripts of the online interview are as follows:

Reporter: Hello Dr. Ma, as far as we know, in recent years Lansheng Biotech has consecutively won the Innovation Contribution Award of CCPIA. What are the company’s core competency and technical advantages? Can you please give a briefing? 

Ma Jihai: Our company has invented several new reactors and extractors, using the domestically and internationally advanced technology and equipment, which result in a great improvement of production efficiency as a benefit of the fine chemical industry. These achievements have opened up new approaches to green chemistry and continuous reaction. The application of the continuous and automated production process has led to fundamental improvement in respect of work safety, pollution control, quality upgrade and expansion of capacity, which is best reflected by our improved production process of the herbicide clethodim. The synthesis process of the product will involve nine work steps; hence, the mass production is not easy. The application of the continuous production process allows for a safe, energy-saving production run with reduced emission, where the product content reaches above 95% and the annual output reaches 4,000 tons, which are handled smoothly by only three unmanned workshops. 

In 2020, the EU technical equivalence was granted to our clethodim technical, which now takes up 30% market share in China. In addition, the fungicide boscalid of our company is the only product that has a content of above 98% in China, which is leading the domestical market, with a 90% market share. For this product, we have drafted two national industry standards. At present, our plant growth regulator brassinolide has the best quality, being supplied at most competitive price in China, with a 50% market share, which contributes to the increased grain production in China. 

Reporter: What is the company’s future development plan? Please share with us your vision. 

Yuan Ligang: Our company will continue our dedication to the pesticide industry development and assume responsibility to serve agriculture via technical innovation and product upgrade, starting with innovation in chemical reaction as an entry point, so as to achieve the objectives of “environmental protection on design, work safety on design, quality assurance on design and production efficiency on design.” We are committed to green manufacturing as being based on a combination of clean production, green technology and smart manufacturing toward the goal of “energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction.” We are striving to become an industry practitioner of green manufacturing in the agrochemical industry; via market-oriented operations, we provide high-quality product and service; we are aiming to establish a stable industrial chain covering both upstream and downstream industry sectors while making effort on continuous upgrading of the industrial chain.

Source: AgroNews