Clethodim 95% TC


Appearance: amber liquid

Content: ≥95%

Water content: ≤0.3%

pH :4-6


IBC tank


8000 T /year


95% TC; 37% TK; 24% EC; 12% EC; 36% EC

Mode of action:

It is a systematic and conductive treatment agent for stem and leaf, may be absorbed quickly through leaf after treatment by stem and leaf and conducted into the meristem and the root, thereby inducing cell division and damage so as to suppress the plant growth.

Applicable crops:

soybean, rape, cotton, peanut, flax, tobacco, watermelon, etc.


It is specific for the majority of annual and perennial gramineous weeds, and is safe for dicotyledon.

Advantages of Lansheng Product:

Zero effluent discharge, full package of GLP studies, the largest continuous reaction workshop and stable supply